Wednesday, May 20, 2015


“You may think you've hit rock bottom in your life but guess what—there's more crud underneath those rocks.”
   - Richelle E. Goodrich

Remind me, friends, to never again complain about the monotony of the getting fit process. I SO miss the boredom and tedium that I was complaining about in my last post.

See that poor girl above who has apparently fallen down and hurt her knee on what appears to be a lovely autumn day in a beautiful park? Well, that's not me. If I was that thin I wouldn't be knocking myself out with my Fitbit! (At least not as strenuously.)

Actually the only thing we two share is a wounded knee. I didn't even get the benefit of beautiful surroundings to comfort my anguish. Instead, I got what's pictured below.

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The Culprit!

Yes my friends, that is a picture of the curled up rug on the floor just inside the door of Midway Airport in Chicago last Tuesday that grabbed the toe of my shoe and sent me hurling downward - landing me squarely on my right knee. (It looks so innocent doesn't it? HA!)

Funny how our best laid plans can be laid waste in the twinkle of a curled up rug! On my agenda for our trip to visit family in Utah was NOT a trip to the E.R. on the first morning. Neither was dragging a lifeless, braced, limb behind me everywhere I went. Be that as it may, that's what I did.

I'd been doing so well! I was hitting my step goals, making gains in endurance and stamina, and had even lost a few pounds through all my efforts. I'm sure you can imagine how frustrating it is to now be on the ice it, elevate it, and rest it regime without any clear indication of how long it takes to heal - what turned out to be - a severely bruised patella. (What's even more painful is the steps my sister is gaining on me during healing. If she loved me, she'd just sit and wait. Right?)

I haven't even strapped on my Fitbit for the past two days because I know myself well enough to know that I'd be push it just for the step count. 

I hoped by the end of my week long vacation I'd be back up to speed. My knee had a different plan. I still can't bend it completely and it's stiff and tender. Today I noticed that the range of motion is better than it was two days ago so I'm clinging to incremental improvements and trying once again (failing miserably) to nurture patience.

I've gained a whole new appreciation for why people actually hire personal injury attorneys through this adventure. I don't want to own an airport, just to find out whose insurance covers medical bills for accidents in the airport. Just the process of figuring out how to file a person injury claim itself causes mental anguish! A week later and after no less than ten redirects, I was finally connected to a department that handles such claims. They asked me questions like:

1. Didn't you see the curled up rug?
(Because there's nothing else to be looking for while dragging luggage behind you and trying to figure out where to check in.
2. What kind of shoes were you wearing?
(Apparently there must be a special curled rug proof variety)
3. Do you wear glasses? (Wearing or not wearing glasses apparently has an effect on curling rugs?)
4. What was your position when you fell. (Down. I thought that would be a given.)

After all the questions I was told they'd review my claim and if it was deemed valid, they'd give me a case # to file with my insurance company. WHO decides if it's valid? Apparently not the lame person whose vacation was hijacked by a rug!
There have been some silver linings however. I've learned how un-boring the miracle of the motion that I took for granted is. Our bodies are amazing. Even the process of healing is itself a miracle. 

I feel blessed to have a supportive husband who does everything in his power to make me feel comfortable and keeps me from being stupid during recovery.

I've learned how important it is to take care of myself. I'm sure I'm healing better as a result of the walking I'd done before the fall. My muscles were stronger going in and that can't be a bad thing.

On my worst day, I have many times more things to be thankful for than to complain about and when I focus on those things, I understand that this too will pass and, in time, I'll be able to start again.

We have absolutely no control in life. To think we do is purely pride mixed with illusion. The best we can do is make our best plans and roll with what actually happens.

 All of us at one point end face up in a ditch, but only a few will choose to look up at the stars and dream. - Shannon L. Alder

Lets be among the dreamers! Shall we?

Have you ever had to come back from a setback on your road to fitness? I'd love to hear how you coped. Please comment below. Reading doesn't hurt a bit!


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha. How dare you not wear your "curled up rug" shoes? Oh my. I've been laid up too after being active and I know how frustrating it can be. Wishing you speedy healing. In the meantime we get to enjoy your humor and insights! :)

    1. The first thing my sister asked was "Were you wearing those stupid Crocs?" I was wearing those when I fell and hit my head on the car and ended up with a concussion. :) The score of that game was German engineering 1. Me 0. The floor was wet and I slipped. Thankfully I could honestly say no this time.
      Thanks for stopping by Colleen!

  2. Oh it happens! Life wouldn't be as colorful without them. And I'm such a klutz too you know. Hehe.

    1. I'm taking this as its time to finish editing my book! No excuses. Can't do much else. We'll see how it goes. Thanks Lux.