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Welcome to Minding My Own Fitbitness! I'm glad you stopped by.

You're probably wondering who the heck starts a blog about a tracking device. I'd wonder too if I were you!

Well, I'm a 50+ year old woman, who's decided (with the help of a looming high school reunion) that it's time to actually look like my Facebook pictures!

I absolutely hate accountability, and trackability so trying the Fitbit was an act of sheer desperation. I was forced to put my conspiracy theories (they're actually spying on us) aside and strap the gadget on.

What I've found is that accountability is my friend-emy. I still hate it and it's just what I need to keep me track.

Truth be told, getting fit is about so much more than the reunion. It's about living the quality of life that allows me to have options and the freedom to do the things that matter most to me - like chasing my grand-kids around with nerf swords! 

Whatever your fitness level or fitness goals (including "I don't have any yet") you're welcome here.

Minding My Own Fitbitness is strictly for fun! If you'd like to share your own adventures of fitbitness see how on the Share Your Story page.

Join the mayhem! Share your own adventures, trials, and hopes. Misery LOVES company!

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